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From Our Kitchen To Your Doorstep

We have been treating our customers to mouthwatering chocolates and delicious fudge handmade in our candy store in Wisconsin Dells, WI since 1962 using Wisconsin's superior dairy products. Our specialty confections are made using our own special recipes that have been handed down over the generations.


Our Process

Our fudge and other homemade candies are cooked in copper kettles, and our fudge is hand poured and mixed on special tables to produce the smoothest, creamiest fudge you will ever taste. Our chocolate centers are made from scratch and then hand coated in creamy pure chocolate. Our caramel apples are dipped in our special preservative free caramel recipe and then topped with freshly roasted nuts, chocolate, or other delicious toppings.


Small Batches, Big Flavour

Our brittle, crunches, and caramel corn varieties are made in small batches to slow roast the nuts and infuse their flavor into the candy. We hand pull our brittle as thin as we can so it's easier to chew.

All of our homemade confections are made without preservatives to extend shelf life and are hand wrapped and packaged. Everything comes fresh to you from our kitchen to your doorstep.


Our Store

We invite you to visit our store in Wisconsin Dells, WI. Each year more than 35,000 visitors come to Wisconsin Dells and many have made a tradition of stopping into our candy store to take home a box of our delicious candy for themselves or a gift for that special someone. When you visit, you will be able to see every step of the creation process of one of our homemade candies.

Many tour operators make sure they include us as one of their stops on their excursions to Wisconsin Dells. Candy making is an art form that has been lost in this day of mass production. Anyone visiting our candy store knows they will be able see candy being made the old fashioned way... by hand.

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Our Kitchen

Our fudge and other handmade candies contain no artificial preservatives because we strive to bring you the purest candy possible. We ship everything directly to you immediately after it is made to guarantee you what we call "natural freshness".

All of our candy is made the old European way using copper kettles and cooked over open gas fired cast iron stoves. You can see our candy crafters at work in our open view kitchen. Visit our blog to learn more about Wisconsin Dairyland Fudge's recipes and gourmet treats.

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